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Welcome to The Law Office of Randall E. Reagan, an experienced car accident, personal injury, drug crime and criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville, TN.

Although our system of laws, rules and procedures is supposed to be designed to both serve the interests of the state and protect the rights of its citizens, many times it is the rights of the citizens that gets short-changed. When you are being prosecuted for a criminal charge in Knoxville or when you have been seriously injured by someone else’s negligent or intentional act, trying to go it alone and represent yourself against experienced prosecutors or insurance adjusters could be disastrous for you.

Attorney Randall E. Reagan represents individuals involved in DUI charges, drug crimes, traffic violations, theft, white collar crimes, as well as personal injury claims involving car and auto accident injuries.

Whether you are seeking representation in a criminal defense case or an automobile accident case, you need a Knoxville lawyer who possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with your case. Each type of case requires its own set of special skills and knowledge. A criminal defense lawyer must be able to defend your rights and obtain a just result for you in the face of an experienced prosecutor who has the enormous resources of the government with which to prosecute you.

A personal injury and auto accident attorney, on the other hand, must know how to deal with insurance companies who have teams of experienced adjusters and attorneys and almost unlimited financial resources to fight any claims against them and avoid responsibility for the negligence of their insured.

Whether you need help with a criminal matter or an automobile accident matter, Attorney Randall E. Reagan of Knoxville, TN can help you.

He understands that you need a lawyer who can tell you what the law is, what your options are and where you stand — good or bad, someone who will be honest with you about those things and who can provide the kind of personal attention and service that you deserve, someone who has the reputation, experience, and credibility to fight for your rights and put your defense case or auto accident lawsuit in the best light possible, someone who has not only shown the willingness to go to trial, but who also has the proven ability to go there and win.

To learn more about the services offered by the Law Office of Randall E. Reagan, in Knoxville, Tennessee, contact us today.

Whatever the charges may be, you want an effective Knoxville criminal lawyer who aggressively protects the rights of his clients, one who conducts his own thorough investigation to preserve and protect favorable evidence, and , most importantly, one who is willing to go to trial whenever necessary to protect your rights and your freedom, a criminal law attorney like Randall E. Reagan.

Attorney Randall E. Reagan has more than 30 years of experience dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured and the accused. Mr. Reagan is a hardworking and effective advocate and proven trial lawyer.

Since 1978, Attorney Randall E. Reagan has handled thousands of cases involving criminal defense and personal injury law in the civil, criminal and appellate state courts as well as the federal district courts, the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Attorney Randall E. Reagan is a frequent lecturer at legal seminars and teaches other lawyers on the topics of trial and appellate practice and on the use of technology in the practice of law.

His professional activities and contributions include having served as a law clerk from 1978 to 1980 for Judge John K. Byers on the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals, as a Past President and current member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Defender Services of Eastern Tennessee and as President of the Board of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (2006 to 2007).

In the event the unthinkable happens, what do you do? If a friend, a relative, a co-worker, spouse, child or yourself is arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Knoxville or has been contacted by the police to come in for questioning, who do you call first? Who should you talk to? Should you talk to the police? Should you tell your son or daughter to talk to the police?

Surely, you may think that an explanation will remedy matters quickly … right?

The truth is that even an innocent explanation can be taken the wrong way. If you are mistaken about your whereabouts at a particular time, about whether you have been to a particular place or about what your state of mind was at a particular time — any statements you give can be used to prosecute and convict you later on down the road, even if you were honestly mistaken about what the circumstances were when you made those statements.

If the unthinkable has happened, the most important thing you can do right now is to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal defense attorney Randall E. Reagan offers clients in the Knoxville area and throughout the eastern half of Tennessee an attorney with over 30 years of experience with criminal cases ranging from DUI to drug trafficking & possession cases to first-degree murder cases in both state and federal courts. Attorney Randall E. Reagan, former President of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, has successfully represented thousands of citizens accused of various criminal offenses, including:

DUI / DWI (drunk driving)
Drug charges
Theft / burglary
Assault charges (including those related to domestic violence)
Violent crimes and other major felonies
White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement, forgery, etc.)

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